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AEF Schools Dress Code / School Uniform

AEF Schools requires a dress code for students.

We believe that a dress code:

  • Fosters school spirit and community identity
  • Helps the student develop pride in his or her appearance
  • Prepares the student for the personal grooming requirements and accepted manner of dress of society in general
  • Mitigates against the destructive and costly competition among students engendered by fads in dress and style
  • Reduces clothing expenses for parents
  • Helps to focus the student’s attention on schoolwork by using clothing to differentiate between school time and other leisure pursuit

* All clothing should be clearly marked with student’s name on the inside tag.
* Wearing an AEF sweater etc. does not exempt a student from wearing an AEF collared shirt
* Pants/shorts must be worn above the waist
* Only white T-shirts may be worn underneath the polo shirts
* Long sleeves (Must be White) /sweaters may be worn underneath the polo shirts

Students arriving out of dress code will NOT be allowed into class. Parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing or to pick up their child.  

AEF Schools Uniforms are exclusively available for purchase at:

Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms
3740 Davie Road
Davie, FL 33314

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