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AEF Schools Parent Enrichment Committee

The AEF Parent Enrichment Committee mission is to support the students, their families, and the faculty throughout the year. More specifically their role is to provide extracurricular activities, host appreciation and social functions, organize additional rewards for the students throughout the year, and donate various supplies and / or equipment for specific programs.AEF Schools Parent Enrichment Committee

AEF Parent Enrichment Committee operates completely independently of AEF Preparatory Schools and is fully organized, funded, maintained and supervised by parents. AEF Parent Enrichment Committee is not a traditional PTA. Faculty members do not join AEF Parent Enrichment Committee and AEF Parent Enrichment Committee does not get involved in AEF School policies and / or procedures. The focus of AEF parent enrichment committee is to provide a richer environment for the children and families of AEF Preparatory Schools.

Some AEF Parent Enrichment Committee sponsored events are:

  • Fall Festival
  • Spring Fling
  • High School Dance
  • Movie Night
  • Bowling
  • Dinner at local restaurants
  • Waterway Cleanup
  • Police Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

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