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AEF’s middle school provides and promotes a unique environment that fosters the growth of the individual. Our program encourages the development of the whole student by focusing on social skills, cognitive skills, and academics. The staff work to instill knowledge and values which help our students both inside and outside the classroom environment. A major component of the functionality of our school is to prepare our students for what lies ahead by teaching them valuable skills they will utilize in all facets of life. Your child will get the individualized attention he or she needs to succeed and excel.

Unlike larger public schools, the classrooms at AEF are smaller and prevent your child from getting lost in the daily hustle and bustle. Our standards are aligned with the standards of the State of Florida, ensuring that required academic areas are covered. However, one major difference is that we do not “teach to the test”. Although our students do not have to participate in state assessments such as the FCAT, we do administer a nationally standardized assessment. This test is not used as criteria for promotion, but rather as an evaluation tool to strengthen our curriculum. This gives our teachers the time and opportunity to make sure that concepts are understood and retained in a meaningful manner.

We understand our students have a life outside of school and we cannot expect them to leave their problems behind once the school day begins. We have created a safe place for them to talk about any troubles they may have, without letting the stress have a negative impact on their school day or school work. We also provide time after school to complete missing assignments or get any extra help they may need.

Our staff are dedicated to making sure that every child is given an equal opportunity to get the education all children deserve, and thus provide them with the greatest chance of success.

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