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Mission Statement

Mission StatementAEF Schools prepare students for life by developing in them the academic, social, physical, and problem-solving skills necessary to live constructively in a rapidly changing society.

Our Objectives

  • To create an environment where the child enjoys coming to school.
  • To establish appropriate peer relations, social skills, and civic mindedness in our students.
  • To identify the family dynamics, crises, and needs.
  • To identify the student's academic and social-emotional deficits and strengths.
  • To develop individually-prescribed programs that will remediate the student's deficits, reinforce the student's strengths, and, if necessary, teach the student compensatory skills.
  • To work with the student and family to ensure a happy, well-adjusted and functioning family unit.
  • To assist students in fulfilling their potential and to assume their rightful place in society as well-adjusted, happy, and productive individuals.

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